Auto Repair

With over 25 years experience in Auto Repair, My Mechanic is the right choice for all of your Car Care Needs.

Engine Tuning: Most engines these days come with platinum or iridium tipped spark plugs that long-lasting up to 100,000 miles. But those estimates are based on laboratory testing and don’t take into account the driving conditions on the roads. Our experience has indicated that transforming them around 60,000 miles will significantly decrease the strain old destroyed sparkle plugs puts on the remainder of your start frameworks like start curls, control modules, and flash attachment wires. Also the consumption that develops in the strings of the steel sparkle plugs that are in a bad way into an aluminum motor. These two divergent metals combined with a ton of warmth and burning chamber gasses indicate the probability that some harm could happen when the sparkle plugs are left in the motor for 100,000 miles and more.


Timing Belt: A few vehicles come furnished with a planning belt that is made of elastic much like your alternator or cooling belt, however a lot heavier to deal with the strain your motor is under. Your vehicles timing belt ensures the camshaft and valves remain in a state of harmony with the cylinders. At the point when it breaks or slips because of ordinary mileage, the cylinders can slam into the valves making harm these basic segments. It’s consistently less expensive to supplant a planning belt before it’s messed up, so a little preventive support will spare you a huge number of dollars. Most makers prescribe 60,000 to 90,000 mile interims, so let us know the last time the belt was changed, or if it ever has been. Either pay for expensive motor fix or pick the choice of moderate motor upkeep.


Timing Chain: If your vehicle doesn’t have a timing belt, then it will come with the timing chain instead. The timing chain works a lot of like the belt does however is made up with steel and is washed in oil grease fro lubrication. There for the most part isn’t a suggested administration interim for the chain; however the tensioner and aides that keep it tight wear out after some time. We suggest that you inspect and potentially supplant this chain get together alongside the aides and tensioner around 100,000 miles to forestall expensive motor harm on the off chance that it would bomb out of the blue.


Water Pump: Every internal combustion engine running in today’s automobiles uses a water pump to circulate engine coolant anti freeze to keep it cool and within an acceptable temperature range. If your car has a timing belt, we always recommend replacing the water pump at the same time the belt is changed because it is usually hidden from view and driven by the belt. Most engines with a timing chain however, have a visible water pump and if it were to start leaking, we will typically detect that before it completely fails. So this is one of the reason why it’s a good idea to go for a certified mechanic performing all of your routine services like oil changes and engine repair. Their experience and knowledge while inspecting your vehicle every 3,000 miles will find what most quick lube jockeys may miss.


Head Gasket Repair: This is the most awful enemy of your engines head gaskets is overheating. Excessive heat can causes metal parts extend and twist which permits motor coolant to spill around the head gasket seal between your motor square and chamber heads. Head gasket is responsible for keeping your engine oil, engine coolant (antifreeze), and high pressure cylinder combustion from reaching each other. If any of these are mix together it spoils your engine and importantly it may not be repaired if it has over 120,000 miles.


So it is important to ensure your engine never overheats due to a coolant leak, broken radiator, or blown radiator hose. Each time your vehicle comes in for service, our trained mechanics are looking for possible failures to make sure to fix it and don’t overheating engine again. If you ever see your engine temperature warning light come on while driving, stop immediately and call our towing and roadside assistance experts. Don’t trying to get in home that will cause major engine damage and may leads to full engine replacement also.